Global Love Report – May 22nd, 2024
English summary by Margaret Wuwur

The Covid pandemic has rekindled the appeal of these agencies, leading to a significant increase in memberships. The matchmaking industry is evolving, with agencies like Atoutcoeurs in Belgium. On a typical week, Sabine’s tasks consist of:

  • Meeting a new client for tea and having an in-depth conversation about the client’s life and what they hope to find in a partner, followed by crafting a profile for the client’s potential match.
  • She listens to and supports clients beyond matchmaking, guiding them without imposing personal views on love. While she doesn’t give romantic advice as she’s not a psychologist, she does provide guidance on dating. She allows clients to navigate their feelings independently.
  • Discussing the suitability of potential matches with the agency’s founder, Claire Mottart, is crucial to ensuring that the matchmaking process is as effective as possible.
  • Providing support to clients who are seeking companionship, helping them understand that while she can facilitate potential matches, the chemistry between them is something that cannot be controlled.
  • Meeting with clients who are ready to settle down and start a family, encouraging clients to stay positive and open to possibilities.

Atoutcoeurs matchmaking agency offers services for a period ranging from three months to a year until the client finds their ideal match. The cost of these personalized services can range between $1,800 and $7,200, a price that reflects the seriousness of the clients and guarantees their confidentiality.

 Originally published by: Femmes d’Aujourd’hui