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Global Love Report – April 29, 2020
Written by: Adrina Ong

Since the start of the global pandemic, we’ve witnessed new initiatives, new ideas, and business strategies formed. We’re blown away by the undefeated spirit possessed by fellow Industry Professionals, and we’re so proud to be a part of this Love community!

In light of this, we’ve decided to take this opportunity to get to know some of our industry peers and find out how they’ve been coping amidst the chaos. By sharing these best practices, we hope that our readers will be inspired as much as we have, feel continuously supported and know that you are not alone.

This week, we’re honoured to speak with Denise Rai, who has spent a decade in the Matchmaking & Coaching Industry – Read her interview below!



About Denise



Denise Rai is the Regional Director/Certified Matchmaker at BC Matchmakers and Certified Relationship Coach at Ask The Love Coach, a professional, client-focused service designed to help individuals and couples find fulfilment in life and in relationships.





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GLR: Hello, Denise! Please tell us a bit more about yourself!
DR: I have been a matchmaker and relationship coach for over a decade. Our offices are based in Colorado, Texas, Washington, California, Milwaukee, and British Columbia. We also work with several affiliate matchmakers nationwide.

GLR: Can you share some of your best practices on how you’ve managed to keep moving forward or any advice on how to stay positive during this time?
DR: Yes, we have all been greatly affected, our offices are physically closed but we are all WFH, we are talking more with one another and with our clients via zoom. I also connect with a group of dynamic women every morning and depending on the day, some evenings and we hold gracious space for one another. It is so important to be plugged into positivity and light and to share that attitude of gratitude with everyone you touch, especially during these unusual times.

GLR: What’s something new that you’ve started doing since the lockdown?
DR: For many years our enrolment consultations were conducted in our offices – face to face. Since the lockdown, we are meeting our potential clients via zoom and we have also introduced a 90-day Digital Dating Program to get them started.

GLR: A 90-day Digital Dating Program sounds exciting! How do you ensure that your customers are successful at virtual dating?
DR: We love and encourage all of our clients to vate, virtually date. We quickly realized that we would need to provide coaching for our clients that weren’t as tech-savvy and so we have set up training sessions or boot camps for them. With their new skills, they can now date feeling empowered and comfortable. They can also connect to family members and friends and no longer have to self isolate and be lonely.

GLR: Thank you, Denise! Last question – Do you have any personal tips for fellow matchmakers and dating experts around the world? What are some of your personal routines and mindset?
DR: I would advise to also take this opportunity to review your rainy day list, we are all so busy in our lives and slowing down allows us to catch up, rekindle a friendship, learn a new language, create space to implement a new rituals. I am excited each day to see how I can assist our clients in finding love, whether, in a virtual happy hour or a Bootcamp, the interactions and the ability to be part of it is truly amazing.


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