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Global Love Report – December 20th, 2023
Interviewed by Global Love Report

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About Imke Evers

Imke Evers Dating Coach and Matchmaker

Imke Evers is a certified date and relationship coach, as well as a matchmaker at Mens & Relatie, the largest matchmaking agency in the Netherlands. After obtaining her Science-based Coach certification, she discovered that finding the delicate balance between clients’ desires and their actual needs is an art. Read her full interview below!






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Global Love Report Interview 

Global Love Report (GLR): What made you decide to become a dating and relationship coach? If you are a matchmaker, what made you decide to add relationship coaching to your list of skills?

Imke Evers (IE): I have a background in applied psychology, and throughout my education, I dedicated a significant amount of time and attention to coaching. I’ve been coaching for quite a while now, and when I started working at Mens & Relatie (the largest matchmaking agency in the Netherlands), I quickly fell in love with matchmaking as well! 

As a matchmaker, I hear stories from singles on a daily basis, for example, about the challenges they face in finding a partner and building a meaningful relationship. Not only in my professional life but also private. 

Many singles express the difficulty of finding a partner despite their strong desire, and the wide range of qualities they bring to the table, encountering various obstacles in their search. As a Matchmaker and coach, I assist my clients in overcoming these obstacles, making it much easier for them to find a romantic partner.

GLR: How do you think singles will benefit from a matchmaker with coaching skills?

IE: Finding a good match for someone is not sufficient when building a successful relationship. It’s also crucial that you are open to this new relationship, to trust each other, and that you possess the skills to establish and maintain the relationship. 

Since I started providing coaching for all our candidates at Mens & Relatie, they have been finding partners much more quickly. I often hear from candidates who mention that thanks to the coaching sessions, they approach the dating process differently and with greater success. 

The majority of candidates I’ve worked with have successfully found a fulfilling partner. So, it’s not just something I believe in; I can clearly see the positive impact in practice.

GLR: What’s something new that you’ve learned that you’re excited to implement in your own business?

IE: It’s fascinating to navigate the process of selling your coaching services to candidates who may not initially be open to the idea. Some clients don’t believe they need coaching and that can be a bit frustrating, especially when I clearly see the positive results of coaching. 

Finding the balance between what the candidate wants and what they actually need is an art in itself. It requires a delicate touch to help them recognize the value and benefits that coaching can bring to their journey.

GLR: What’s something that you learned from the course that surprised you?

IE: It’s incredibly rewarding to discover that the coaching we offer at Mens & Relatie aligns with the course material. It’s reassuring to receive confirmation that we’re on the right track, supported by scientific research. 

Being able to assess my coaching skills in the course was highly valuable. It has given me even more confidence in the belief that coaching is a fantastic and successful addition to the matchmaking process. It’s great to know that what we’re doing does not only feel right but is also backed by evidence and expertise.

GLR: Who do you aspire to be as a coach? And why?

IE: I like to draw inspiration from various excellent coaches rather than having just one as a singular example. One of my coaching teachers once told me: “A good coach, is a lazy coach.” and that quote has always stayed with me. It emphasizes the client’s active role in their own growth and development. 

And highlights the importance of letting your client put in the work and make their own progress during the coaching process, rather than doing all the work for them. For me, Coaching is about guiding your client to take steps and make discoveries on their own, while you are there to provide the necessary coaching support.

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