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Global Love Report – July 18, 2023
Interviewed by Global Love Report

GLR Spotlight was created to feature some of our industry peers as a way for our community to get to know one another – Learn from what has worked successfully, as well as gain different perspectives and insights into various business strategies. We hope to continuously grow as an industry together by sharing these best practices with everyone!

About Rose Lambertrose lambert

Rose Lambert is a renowned matchmaker and dating coach who helps Palm Beach singles ages 50s through 90s find love and happiness. With her experience, understanding of relationships, and commitment to personalized service, she is a great resource for elite matchmaking and dating coaching in Palm Beach County. Everlasting love connections, let’s hear her amazing story!

Rose Lambert Website

Global Love Report (GLR): Hi Rose, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Could you tell us a bit about your career before you entered the matchmaking industry?

Rose Lambert (RL): I was a spiritual life coach, helping people with all kinds of issues and problems, as well as a dating coach. I helped so many people find love that those happy customers referred me to their families and friends. Through these referrals, I became a matchmaker.

GLR: Why did you decide to become a matchmaker?

RL: There was a time when all of my spiritual life coaching and dating coaching clients were asking for matchmaking. 70% of my clients were interested in matchmaking. Then I changed my website and business cards from spiritual life coaching to matchmaking and dating coaching.

GLR: Did your perception of what a matchmaker is/does change after being certified?

RL: Well, I wish I had known and started taking classes from the beginning of my matchmaking career. Because I didn’t have any professional matchmaker to teach me how to run and find clients and matches, I learned the hard way at the beginning. But joining the Matchmaking Institute and getting certified would have made it much easier for me. I wish I had done it a few years ago.

GLR: What are you looking forward to as a matchmaker?

RL: As a matchmaker and dating coach, I am looking to expand my services beyond my local Palm Beach County location.

GLR: Which cities or regions do you cover?

RL: I am in South Florida, covering Palm Beach County.

GLR: Have you met any other matchmakers? If so, how has that experience been? Are you open to collaboration in the future?

RL: Yes, I have met a few matchmakers. I’m looking forward to meeting more of them. I believe we could help each other by matching our clients.

GLR: Do you have any words of advice for people who are still considering if they want to be a matchmaker or not?

RL: Whoever wants to become a matchmaker, must love talking or helping people, understanding their needs, and desires. It’s a great career for people who want to be helpful and get pleasure out of making people happy.  

Yes, it’s a great business. You can make a good living, but for me, it is the biggest satisfaction. Seeing my clients, happy to make a difference in their life, finding someone they can have a lasting relationship. I get pleasure out of helping people, and of course, I get paid for what I like to do.

I am looking forward to meeting other matchmakers and working together! 

GLR: Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, Rose!


Rose Lambert is a dedicated matchmaker and dating coach who has helped numerous clients find love and happiness. If you would like to collaborate with Rose, you can contact her through her website.

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