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Global Love Report – January 31st, 2024
Interviewed by Global Love Report

GLR Spotlight was created to feature some of our industry peers as a way for our community to get to know one another. Learn from what has worked successfully, as well as gain different perspectives and insights into various business strategies. We hope to continuously grow as an industry together by sharing these best practices with everyone!

About Samantha Rowland-Jones

Samantha Rowland-Jones Dating Consultant & Matchmaker

Samantha Rowland-Jones is a Dating Consultant & Matchmaker at Ignite Dating. After a diverse career in professional services, she has applied her extensive skillset to matchmaking. She works with professional men and women from their early thirties to their eighties, assisting them in enjoying a fulfilling dating journey.

In this Spotlight interview, Samantha mentions that the matchmaking certification gave her increased exposure to a global network of matchmakers. Discover more about her captivating journey in the interview below!



Global Love Report Interview 

Global Love Report (GLR): What is the name of your company?

Samantha Rowland-Jones (SRJ): Ignite Dating

GLR: Which locations do you cover? 

SRJ: Home Counties and London

GLR: What was your career before entering the matchmaking industry? 

SRJ: Director of a Global FinTech company

GLR: Why did you decide to become a matchmaker? 

SRJ: Having met my partner through a matchmaker, I could see the benefits and wanted to help other people also find love and happiness.

GLR: Did your perception of what a matchmaker is after being certified? 

SRJ: My perception has stayed the same. As a franchise owner within Ignite, I had already undergone training to become a matchmaker internally within my company. The certification simply reinforced that training and gave me more exposure to a global network of matchmakers.  

GLR: What are you looking forward to as a matchmaker? 

SRJ: Bringing happy people together so they can build happy relationships.

GLR: Have you met any other matchmakers? 

SRJ: Yes, I have met several other matchmakers and it has been a great experience, particularly at this year’s conference in London. Very open to all collaboration.

GLR: Do you have any advice for people still considering if they want to be a matchmaker or not?

SRJ: If you love people, find them fascinating, like getting to know them well, and are a great listener then this is the job for you!

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