Ideal partners in South Korea

Ideal partners in South Korea

Global Love Report – December 27, 2023
English summary by Margaret Wuwur

According to a recent report by Duo, a South Korean matchmaking agency, the criteria for ideal partners among young people in South Korea are not solely based on physical appearance. 

The report revealed that the most preferred occupations for unmarried individuals aged 25 to 39 in South Korea in 2023 are general office jobs. Other desirable professions include public officials and company employees, pharmacists, and finance-related jobs.

When it comes to income, the ideal annual income for husbands is approximately ₩606.7 million or around US$465,625, with assets valued at ₩33.9 million or approximately US$26,017. On the other hand, the ideal annual income for wives is around ₩437.7 million or about US$335,948, with assets reaching ₩22.92 million or roughly US$17,591.

Originally published by: OKEZONE LIFESTYLE