Matchmaking Agency Based in France

Global Love Report – February 7th, 2024
English summary by Margaret Wuwur

Patricia Leconte, founder of Joy, a matchmaking agency based in France for people over 50, emphasizes the importance of real-world interactions and relationships based on simplicity, respect, and mutual independence.

She believes that people who join matchmaking agencies are not necessarily seeking marriage, but rather a partner that suits them without changing their lifestyles. Noting a resurgence in matchmaking agencies due to the failure of online dating, she states that her clients, especially those over 50, are more clear about what they want and need from a relationship and are typically in search of a simpler, uncomplicated relationship.

Leconte’s approach to matchmaking is based on intuition and real-world interactions rather than virtual ones. She meets her clients in person and pairs them based on her instinctive understanding of their compatibility.

The first connection is normally initiated by the man and she advises against a lengthy first date like a restaurant visit, suggesting instead a drink or a walk. Leconte also highlights the increasing loneliness in France across all generations, exacerbated by the pandemic, and notes the fear of rejection that inhibits both men and women from pursuing relationships.

Originally published by: Kernews