La Femme de ton chef

Global Love Report – July 10th, 2024
English summary by Margaret Wuwur

A new dating site, La Femme de ton chef, has been launched in France to connect women with police officers and military personnel. Designed by Clémence Henri, the platform aims to foster sincere and lasting relationships for men in these professions. Unlike traditional dating apps, the site emphasizes security and anonymity, with profiles selected by the founder herself.

Clémence Henri, married to an army officer, was inspired to create the platform after receiving requests from military personnel seeking partners. The platform allows women to contact up to three men per week, with a small fee required to ensure serious inquiries. Man charges 89 Euros (US$95) to submit a profile, while women pay 4.99 Euros (US$5.30) per profile viewed.

Exclusively designed for women, the platform provides them with descriptions of vetted men, without photos. Henri emphasizes that although there are no photos and the process is anonymous, she knows the men she presents, which adds a level of sincerity to the profiles.

Currently, the platform focuses on heterosexual matches because Henri selects the profiles herself and has experience primarily with heterosexual relationships. However, there is potential for expansion in the future. The platform aims to provide a more controlled alternative to mainstream dating apps by offering handpicked profiles to minimize unexpected outcomes. While Henri doesn’t guarantee that every man who submits a profile will find a match, several couples introduced through her platform have gone on to get married.

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