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Global Love Report – April 17th, 2024
English summary by Margaret Wuwur

Singles are increasingly becoming disillusioned with impersonal dating apps like Tinder and online dating sites. Instead, they are gravitating toward matchmaking agencies, hoping for a more personalized way to find their ideal partner.

A2 Rencontres is the oldest matchmaking agency in Belgium. Their sought-after “Success” package carries an annual price tag of 2,500 euros. Despite the steep cost, director Marie de Duve argues that the expense is warranted, considering their advertising reach and social media presence. For this fee, clients are afforded a personalized service. Marie de Duve takes into account each client’s hobbies, and socio-cultural background to facilitate potentially successful matches.

In Belgium, matchmaking agencies operate under a legally defined standard contract. They commit to arranging a specific number of meetings within a certain timeframe. However, this is an obligation of effort, not outcome. Marie de Duve explains that they can’t guarantee to find the perfect match or predict the outcome, emphasizing the unpredictability of love. 

Originally published by: RTBF