matchmaking agency for Corréziens

Matchmaking Agency for Corréziens

Global Love Report – February 14th, 2024
English summary by Margaret Wuwur

“MA RENCONTRE,” a matchmaking agency primarily serving residents in the Corrèze area in France, was founded by Carine Valou, who has 23 years of industry experience in matchmaking.

This agency is unique as it emphasizes profile verification, personalized consultation, and strict adherence to clients’ criteria, distinguishing itself from traditional dating sites. In 2023, MA RENCONTRE was recognized for its service performance, professionalism, and relationship and reception sense, receiving the O.N.C.R.H. Excellence Award.

Increasingly, people disillusioned with dating apps are turning to matchmaking agencies. Carine conducts confidential interviews with her clients to understand their life journeys and relationship expectations.

She emphasizes sharing hobbies, social compatibility, and respect for past experiences. Carine encourages clients to consider 2-3 different agencies and take their time to evaluate factors such as whether these agencies adhere to regulations, their rates/prices, and their feelings towards the matching process.

Originally published by: LA MONTAGNE