Speed Dating Experience for Ages 60-72 in the Netherlands

Global Love Report – April 3rd, 2024
English summary by Margaret Wuwur

Maan van de Sande and Riek Lavrijsen, a couple who found love at a speed dating event, are now intent on helping others experience the same joy. Their goal is to facilitate the creation of meaningful connections by hosting ‘Experience Speed Dating’ events in Reusel, the Netherlands.

These Speed Dating Experiences for Ages 60-72 in the Netherlands are scheduled for April 8 and 15. However, the execution of these events hinges on sufficient interest, particularly from male participants.

Despite their late-in-life romance, the couple maintains their independence, seeing each other about six times a week. They believe that in-person meetings hold a distinct advantage over online dating, leading to more genuine and successful connections.

They’re also open to extending this opportunity beyond their local community. The organizers hope to draw in participants from Belgium, reinforcing their belief that “love doesn’t stop at the border.” Through their efforts, Maan and Riek hope to inspire and facilitate love stories similar to theirs, underscoring the power of personal, face-to-face interactions in the age of digital dating.

Originally published by: ED