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Global Love Report – January 18, 2023
English summary by Pamela Stephanie, a matchmaking app operated by IBJ, recently conducted a survey of people currently searching for a spouse. The survey asked what respondents’ 2023 aspirations are as well as their opinion regarding when to get married.

According to the survey, 85% of respondents stated that they want to marry within one year. When segmented by gender, 87.3% of men and 85.0% of women stated that they want to marry within a year.

When asked the type of dating/matchmaking activity that they will be doing during the end of year holiday season, the most popular answer for men is to increase their use of app (48.7%) whereas the popular answer for women is to “improve myself” (60%).

Along with the announcement of the survey’s results, the app also gave away free memberships during a drawing—1 free membership from every 10 people selected in the drawing. The IBJ-operated app is ready to support those who are serious in their marriage-seeking activities.

Originally published by PR Times

(Image source: Unsplash, Kristin Wilson)