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Global Love Report – October 5, 2022
English summary by Pamela Stephanie

“Entre Elle et Lui” is a matchmaking agency located in Rouen in France, managed by Julie Ribeiro.

The agency provides a discreet service, especially for those in managerial occupations or if they work in the medical field. Ribeiro explained that some of her clients who are doctors or dentists want to be recognized by their own clients.

Ribeiro is a trained relationship counselor. She helps her client with date preparations and a “debrief” session after the date. And at her agency, after an initial meeting between her and the potential client—which can last up to 2 hours—clients will take a test using a digital tool that the agency uses. That’s Profil’INC, a tool developed by experts in the neurocognitive and behavioral approach.

The tool is utilized in a wide range of areas. For athletes, people in business management, and even recruitment agencies. The test itself is carried out by an expert. By taking this test, both client and matchmaker gain a better understanding about the client’s own behavior.

The result will show them their needs, their potentials and drives, as well as things that hinder them. With this, clients may be able to learn more about themselves, a “meet yourself” session, and the matchmaker will be able to have a better understanding of them. And in turn, will be able to find the client a compatible match in their database.

A majority of the agency’s clients are 45 to 60 but she mentioned that more and more young people are signing up for their services. Ribeiro mentioned that 2 out of 3 clients end up as a success story.

A number of her clients registered with the agency because of disappointment with online dating. Most of them are women. some feel objectified on dating apps and others are tired of wasting 4 hours a day on these apps. And these virtual failures can really affect people, especially those with low self-esteem. Fortunately, her agency helps guide them and coaches them on how to charm someone when they’ve lost confidence in themselves.

Originally published by franceinfo

(Image source: Unsplash, Kelly Sikkema)