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Global Love Report – May 27, 2021
Written by: Pamela Stephanie

As a matchmaker, there are many ways you can help create a successful virtual date for your client. After all, first dates can be a daunting thing, even when it’s a virtual one. For some people, a virtual date may even be more intimidating than an in-person date. To help your matchmaking client with their first date jitters, here are a couple of tips on what they can do (with your help):

1. Order flowers or a small gift for the date

Some people like to bring flowers for their first date. Remind clients that just because their date will be virtual doesn’t mean that they can’t send their match flowers.

On one of our series of webinars, matchmaker Beth Mandell mentioned that one of her clients actually sent his date a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates before his date. The client did this on his own initiative—with her help—and Mandell noted that she would suggest this to her other clients too.

2. Hold a Mock Date to set the mood

This can be as simple as helping a client set up their device before the date can take place. However, it can also include figuring out which room should be chosen to have the date. For example, if the living room is too noisy, perhaps a home office would be a better spot.

Or maybe the lighting in the dining room is not very flattering or is too low, then a brightly lit bedroom may be a better choice. Ashley Campana mentioned that she helped her client choose the best lighting, even moving around the room to find the right spot.

Campana added that not only is this a great way for her to connect with her client, it’s also a way to set her client up for a successful virtual date.

3. Figure out what to do during the date

While a client and their match may not be in the same room or even the same city, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be sharing the same experience. Eating a meal while on their first date can help them connect with each other. And to clients who are nervous about finding topics to break the ice, remind them that talking about what each of them are eating can be a conversation starter!

Other things that they can do is to play a virtual board game, if they share the same interest. For clients who are confident of their cooking skills, they can try a joint-cooking date.

The Webinar mentioned in this article is called, “How to Monetize Your Business in the Times of Corona”. To watch the full video, please click here.

(Image Source: Pexels/Andrea Pacquadio)