Global Love Report – June 7, 2023
English summary by Pamela Stephanie

People in their 30s tend to look for stability. They would either start a family—the average age to give birth to a first child is 31, according to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics—or purchase a house.

And that may be why Spanish singles in their 30s turn to matchmakers for help. Alicia López, a psychologist and Director of the Spanish matchmaking agency Lazos, explains that singles of this age group want to start a family or become parents and want someone to share a life with.

However, accomplishing these things can be difficult.

López explains that society today is dominated by social media. And on dating platforms, you’re judged by your picture and won’t be given an opportunity.

But despite this, López reveals that the company is grateful to dating apps because she believes that they encourage singles to find a partner in “unconventional ways,” thereby opening their eyes to other possibilities, such as using a matchmaking agency.

So, people would come to her agency without feeling embarrassed or having difficulties, which was different from the past. They also come with a lot of enthusiasm and high expectations—which the agency lowers to a more reasonable level.

Originally published by La Voz de Galicia

(Image source: Pablo Heimplatz @ Unsplash)