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Global Love Report – December 15, 2021
A review article by Pamela Stephanie

Tech companies that relied on algorithms have realized that they’re not the end solution to everything. Instead, some of these companies are looking to add humans to their automation.

And online dating companies are among these companies.

One particular dating app that is doing this is The League, which is selective when it comes to picking their members and only chooses “successful singles”. They’ve now added matchmaking to their list of services and have employed “Ivy League educated” matchmakers.

Even Match is joining in. In fact, Match has been testing human matchmaking since February of this year. And, as covered in a previous news article, they now provide two matches that are “human picked” at an extra cost for users each month.

Furthermore, they are also testing using dating coaches as matchmakers to help matchmake users. And Match has reported that more than 30% of members have said yes to this. What’s more, the expert picks for the users were eight times more likely to like each other.

Originally published by Wall Street Journal.

(Image source: Pixabay, Solenfeyissa)