singles who like sake

Global Love Report – December 21, 2022
English summary by Pamela Stephanie

Bridal Partners, a Japanese matchmaking agency that is part of IBJ, will be holding a dating event for singles who like sake.

The specialized dating event will be held on January 29th, 2023 at Hotel Azusa in Tokyo. The agency will partner with Ichinokura, which is the largest sake brewery in the Miyagi Prefecture.

The event will include drinks provided by the brewery, which will feature 10 kinds of sake, as well as an original bento lunch box by a 172-year-old bento shop.

The reasoning behind this event is that, according to a survey of Japanese drinking trends in 2017, which was conducted by the Japan Sake Brewers Association, the number of women who drink has increased from 52.6% to 72.9% within 30 years.

With this event, they will be providing singles who like sake with the opportunity to eat and drink while getting to know each other.

Originally published by PR Times.

(Image source: Unsplash, Xtra Inc)