Reed Courses

Global Love Report – June 29, 2022
Written by Pamela Stephanie

We’re back with more free courses for you! This month’s entry is slightly different because we’re actually focusing on one particular platform: Reed Courses. Reed is a recruitment agency based in the United Kingdom and they provide job seekers with many resources. One of them happens to be Courses that they provide on their platform.

However, you don’t need to be a job seeker to take one of their courses. In fact, all you need is a Google account. And among the paid courses that they offer, there are also free courses that you may find beneficial. And as a bonus, you can get a certificate of completion that you can add to your LinkedIn account after you’ve completed 95% of these courses!

Here are our top choices:

Getting Started with Google Sites Create a WebPage Quickly by Discoveryvip

One of the most important things you need when you’re starting out your matchmaking or coaching business is, arguably, a website. At the very least, you need some sort of web presence so people can know who you are.

So, as an initial website, you can create a free one from one of the many platforms that offer them. Wix and Shopify are people’s go-to but you can also opt for Google Sites. And if you’re a complete novice, then you should check out this course.

The course shows you how to create a website on Google Sites from scratch. It also covers some errors that you may encounter and how to fix them. Best of all, the course also gives some layout tips for true beginners.

So, if you need to create a website or landing page for an event or a promotion in a hurry, you should take this course!

Cost & Management Accounting by Accounting Lecture

This accounting course covers a lot of material that are divided into 15 different sections. That’s over 13 hours of content! Another advantage to this course is that it’s taught by Accounting Lecture, which specializes at teaching Accounting.

The videos within each section are relatively short and easy to follow. And at the end of each section, there’s a review of all the things that was covered. But what makes this course even better is that you’ll be given access to an ebook on accounting!

So, if you need an accounting refresher or if you’re a complete novice who wants to learn, check out this course!

Micro Course – Learn to Edit in Audacity. Perfect for Radio and TV Production Careers by AllTalk Global

Reed also has micro-courses, which are super short courses that teach you to do one specific thing. Our recommendation is this one for anyone interested in creating a dating podcast!

Some matchmakers and dating coaches have created their own podcast and have seen a boost in their branding and their business. So, if you’re interested in creating your own podcast, you should check this course, which teaches you how to distribute your podcast using Anchor.

We hope you find this list of free courses that you can take on Reed Courses useful! If it’s not what you’re looking for, then why not check out our other free courses list? Like our Sales Courses for Matchmakers or last month’s list of free business courses! Come back next month for a new list of courses!

(Image source: Pexels, Tirachard Kumtanom)