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Global Love Report – May 4, 2022
Interviewed by Global Love Report

GLR Spotlight was created to feature some of our industry peers as a way for our community to get to know one another – Learn from what has worked successfully, as well as gain different perspectives and insights into various business strategies. We hope to continuously grow as an industry together by sharing these best practices with everyone!

About Azia Tisdale

Azia Tisdale



Azia (pronounced Asia) is a certified Matchmaker and Relational Goal Coach for Fire & Desire Matchmaking. She is also a student working on her Masters in Marriage Therapy.

She started Fire & Desire Matchmaking to not only help people find love through matchmaking, but to also prepare people for love through coaching and provide the tools to keep that love alive and well.




Global Love Report (GLR): Hello, Azia! Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Our first question is: what was your career before entering the matchmaking industry?

Azia Tisdale (AT): This is technically my first career! After I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and African-American Studies, I went straight to graduate school where I am now studying to become a Marriage therapist.

GLR: Why did you decide to become a matchmaker?

AT: As cliché as it may sound, I have been passionate about romantic love since I was a little girl. I dreamed of finding true love and seeing my friends and family fall in love too (not in the damsel in distress way, however) because I knew that healthy, happy love was important. Unfortunately, I did not grow up in a community where I saw a lot of Black romantic love. This inspired me to pursue a career in Family & Marriage therapy, which I am currently studying for. The issues I’ve learned about mental health have often, but not always, boiled down to relationships (with oneself, family, or romantic relationships – or lack thereof). This made me want to take my career further and not just help people when they are experiencing issues in their relationships, but to be proactive and help them learn how to be prepared for those future relationships and conveniently help them find a suitable partner for them. I realized there is a need for matchmaking and for the events I have planned. People actually want to fall in love but either are scared or don’t know how. I want to be that resource that helps ease people’s fears and prepare them to fall in love.

GLR: Did your perception of what a matchmaker is/does change after being certified?

AT: I don’t think my perception changed after I became certified. I feel like the Global Love Institute really did a great job of preparing me for what is to come in building a business. Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with other matchmakers who have been in business for years and they have also been a big help.

GLR: What are you looking forward to as a matchmaker?

AT: I am looking forward to attending weddings! Weddings are such a beautiful occasion and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of attending them. Plus, I have some heels that are collecting dust and I need some great places to wear them out! Besides that I’m just excited to meet new people. I understand that I won’t be able to help everyone and that’s okay, but building relationships with people in the community can really help change the idea of what “love” is.

GLR: Which areas do you cover?

AT: I am located in Dallas, but I desire to help people all around the US, especially Black singles. I understand that proximity does not equate compatibility. Everyone’s “love” might not live in their city!

GLR: Have you met any other matchmakers? How has that experience been? Are you open for collaboration in the future?

AT: I have met a few matchmakers and they have been so helpful. Before I became certified, I feared other matchmakers would not want to collaborate but I found that to be far from the truth. Everyone has been so encouraging and helpful. I sincerely appreciate that! In order to pair people from around the US together, I would need to partner with other matchmakers, so not only am I open to collaboration but it’s required.

GLR: Do you have any words of advice for people who are still considering if they want to be a matchmaker or not?

AT: I would suggest that they stop and think about their “why”. Having a strong why is what will keep you going when you’ve had six consultation calls and still no client commitments. It’s what will give you the patience to keep you going when things appear difficult. If your why is not strong, you likely won’t stick around.

GLR: Thank you for your time, Azia!

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