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Global Love Report – April 27, 2022
English translation by Pamela Stephanie

It’s spring and that means that the sun comes out more and more often. Ideal weather to plan a nice date and that’s possible again “in real life” due to the lax corona measures. However a new study by the dating app Meetic shows that almost half of the Flemish people surveyed who go on dates from time to time prefer not to get too creative. They prefer the traditional “go for a drink” date. The other half would like something a little more exciting.

Traditional date is still the most popular

The research shows that for 2 out of 5 Flemish (40%) who occasionally go out on a date, a traditional date is still the best option. This includes going to the cinema or going for a drink. Those over 35 prefer the latter. It also appears that there are differences between men (54%) and women (41%).

When people are asked about more exciting ideas for a first date with the traditional Flemish person, we noticed very surprising numbers. For example, an amusement park visit (37%), a cocktail making workshop (35%), and curiously enough, an intimate spa date (31%) are in the top 3.

Showing Initiative is sexy

So it’s clear, around 48% of Flemish people would like to do something different than a traditional date. Of these, 53% find it quite difficult to come up with an exciting date. What’s remarkable is that 71% of Flemish women find it attractive when their (potential) date takes the initiative in planning a fun activity. For men, 67% find it attractive if a woman takes the lead in coming up with an activity for the date.

Originally published by Newsmonkey

(Image source: Pexels, Edwin Soto)