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Global Love Report – November 23, 2022
Written by Pamela Stephanie

Some clients—and potential clients—are very much ready to date and to start a serious relationship. However, not all clients are like this.
Others may need a helping hand before they’re truly ready to look for a serious partner. Some may need guidance in finding what they truly want out of a relationship or if they’ve focused on the wrong things.

Date coaching can provide your clients with solutions to those issues and more. In fact, in our 2021 Industry Survey, 62% of matchmakers provide both matchmaking and date coaching services.

If you’re wondering just how coaching can help your clients, here are some examples:

Prepare Them for Dating

Sometimes clients come to you, thinking that they’re ready to date again. However, that may not be the case.

With date coaching, you can help them identify what their roadblocks are and how to overcome them. This way, clients who may have certain hang-ups after a divorce or after a break up can move past those issues and be their best self before they find their potential partner.

Boost Your Client’s Confidence

Some clients may be uncomfortable with dating. Maybe they’ve recently left a long-term relationship and are out of their depths in this new dating world. Or perhaps they’re not comfortable with social situations and need training and support.

When you coach them through these issues, you will help boost their confidence. This way, the likelihood that a date will turn out successful would increase and will help them be more comfortable on subsequent dates.

Assist Them in Identifying Dating Issues

Some clients get dejected after a series of unsuccessful date. This may lead them to be unwilling to meet more matches.

By coaching them, you will help them find out what the issues were with the previous dates. Maybe the client had preferences that they didn’t mention earlier or perhaps they need to work on body language or being more open during the date.

Whatever the problem may be, through coaching, they will be able to find out the root causes and search for solutions.

Help Clients Stay on Track

Coaching can help your clients stay focused on the goals that they’ve established. Sometimes people can go off-track while dating and that can lead to wrong decisions. It can even halt progress altogether.

But by coaching your client, you can help them to stay the course and achieve their goals so they can find a successful match.

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(Image source: Pexels, Cottonbro)