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Global Love Report – October 5, 2022
English summary by Pamela Stephanie

Duo, one of the largest matchmaking companies in South Korea, revealed how its matching system works.

There are two parts to Duo’s method, which utilizes data analysis in order to find potential suitable matches. The second part of Duo’s method involves real-life people. This is where an actual matchmaker or couple manager who also finds potential matches to clients. And they do this based on the data from the analysis.

The first step of the process is when a client fills in a form with their personal information and what they would like in a partner. They will also have a consultation with a “counseling” matchmaker so the company will have a better understanding of their needs.

The next step is when Duo’s internal team verifies the potential client’s identity. They check the authenticity of any documents that the client has handed to them. If the person passes the verification process, it will lead to a registration approval.

They will then be appointed to 2 different consultants. One is in charge of the actual matchmaking while the other will be in charge of giving the client guidance, in a 2-in-1 system.

What comes next is the more technical aspect. The Duo Matching System (DMS), which is Duo’s very own matching system that it has developed for its own use, will then analyze all the clients within their database and will find the client a match based on the client’s preferences such as: age, occupation, economic status, and values.

The counseling/guidance consultant will also learn more about the client to find out things that are difficult to confirm with just data.
This method seems to work for the company. The total number of members who got married is over 45,000, according to Duo’s website.

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(Image source: Pexels, Magda Ehlers)