man in suit to illustrate date coaching for men only

Global Love Report – September 1, 2021
Summarized in English by Pamela Stephanie

Professional “Love Support” company, Last Partner, offers date coaching for men only in Japan. Established in 2020, the date consultation agency is currently offering a Personal Training package exclusively for men.

CEO Makoto Toki initially started the service because he was concerned about how men were looking for love and saw that there was a need for full support for Japanese men. After initially working with dating app Pairs to help male users take professional pictures to help them on their search, he decided to establish Last Partner.

In terms of appearance, their training includes: a professional fashion coordinator for clients who will help them find suitable clothing. They have also partnered with a local hair salon so their clients can have a haircut and have their hair styled. Clients will also have their profile picture taken by a professional photographer.

For training purposes, clients will have date coaching with a female trainer for a total of 4 sessions. They will also have online coaching through Zoom with a female trainer for 12 total sessions. Furthermore, they will also be able to have 24-hours unlimited consultation with a female trainer on the LINE messaging app.

To top it off, they’re also able to attend Last Partner events for free and they will be able to have a face-to-face date with 9 women in order to put their newly learned skills to practice.

To read the full article in Japanese about Last Partner’s date coaching for men only, click here.

Original article published by PR Times.

(Image source: Unsplash, Hunters Race)