LGBTQ+ matchmaking services

Global Love Report – June 12, 2024
Written by Margaret Wuwur

In recognition of Pride Month, we’re proud to feature dedicated matchmakers who specialize in LGBTQ+ matchmaking services. These professionals embody inclusivity, assisting clients in finding love. We believe that everyone deserves to find and cherish love. Here’s a shout-out to some of the matchmakers who work for LGBTQ+ clients:

Amari Means Love: Amari Ice

Also known as the ‘Prince of Hearts‘, Amari is a love coach, matchmaker, hypnotherapist, and best-selling author, who empowers individuals to hone their romantic prowess.

Amari’s method incorporates enhancing dating skills, healing self-sabotaging subconscious patterns, and boosting romantic magnetism. Amari has assisted over a thousand men in achieving emotionally intelligent love outcomes.

Queer Connection: Kita Adams

Based in Austin, Texas, Kita Adams is a trusted expert for Queer individuals aiming to challenge conventional norms in dating, relationships, and personal growth, with a mission to attract the love they truly deserve.

With a specialization in transforming conventional relationship dynamics into profound connections, Kita emphasizes redefining relationships across all forms of human interaction.

The Magical Matchmaker: Wade Kyle

Wade Kyle, the Founder & CEO of The Magical Matchmaker, hails from a small town near Pittsburgh and understands the complexities of growing up queer in rural America. After leaving his hometown, he found his community among other queer individuals in Pittsburgh.

Kyle embarked on his matchmaking journey in 2011 while studying at Point Park University, an LGBTQ-friendly art school. His matchmaking process is influenced by the gay liberation movement, disability advocacy, intersectionality, and human rights.

Little Gay Book: Dr. Frankie Bashan

Meet the founder of the Little Gay Book, Dr. Frankie Bashan a celebrated Clinical Psychologist, Relationship Expert, Matchmaker, and Professional Speaker. Dr. Frankie possesses a unique combination of formal training, innate emotional intelligence, and communication skills that she uses to help couples navigate relationship issues.

Dr. Bashan is passionate about connecting individuals who have accomplished much in life but are seeking that special someone to share their achievements with.

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