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Global Love Report – February 8, 2023
English summary by Pamela Stephanie

Singles who are conscious, have a positive outlook, and are doers and go-getters: there’s a matchmaking agency just for them! Sharaifa Taus, out of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, established her matchmaking agency, Datebase with people like these in mind.

Established in September 2022, Taus revealed that the idea actually originated earlier. She had noticed that those around her were searching for a partner who share the same mindset as them. Taus herself had been an entrepreneur for some time and had been looking to do something that really made her happy.

That’s where Datebase came in. As someone who’s good at organizing, and networking, and wanted to make a difference for someone, Datebase is perfect for her. Of course, it hadn’t been easy. Taus revealed that she was used to making rational decisions yet Datebase was something that came from the heart. She was excited at the concept and finds it special that she found her purpose in something she’s passionate about.

Most of Datebase’s client base is located around Rotterdam. Though she did mention that she has singles from The Hague, Utrecht, and Amsterdam as well.

She only works with clients who know what they want in life and have a goal in mind. Essentially, these are people who have a growth mindset. She accepts people with these mindsets from 21 years and older.

She explains that people with a growth mindset tend to have a lot of common ground, even though they may have different interests. And even when they don’t necessarily have romantic chemistry, oftentimes they still think that the dates are fun and inspiring.

“I can’t do magic,” she says, “but I can create meaningful connections.”

Another thing about Datebase: it focuses on heterosexual matches only. That’s because in Datebase men take the lead. If the two clients she matched want to meet, the man must take the initiative with Datebase’s help. And that’s also why in terms of membership, women pay less than men. In fact, members only pay a one-time fee. €95 for the women and €295 for the men.

This is because Taus actively looks for matches for her male clients whereas women are only paying to be part of her database.

She makes her matches based on intuition, after her interviews with clients, and also by using match percentage. When there’s a match, she helps the man by revealing the types of dates that his match likes. He then chooses the type of date and Datebase schedules it for them.

She keeps in touch with each couple for the first two months. If it doesn’t go well then, the man gets two more matches. The woman will remain a database member.

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(Image source: Pexels, Tetyana Kovyrina)