korean couple in wedding attire to illustrate matchmaking services for koreans

Global Love Report – July 21, 2021
A review article by Pamela Stephanie

Korean marriage company, Ennoble, is providing matchmaking services for Koreans residing in the United States, as well as Korean-Americans. Specifically Korean students and Korean nationals who are residents.

Through its branches in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta, Ennoble is providing personal and customized consulting services to those living in those places.

In fact, it has also partnered with a number of associations of Korean students as well as international student alumni organizations of such prestigious universities as Harvard, Princeton, and MIT.

The Korean marriage company also verifies their members’ academic, family, and economic backgrounds. Some of the services they also offer is helping to arrange meetings for their overseas clients when they come to Korea. And being mindful of the short time-span that these members may have during their stay.

Not only is Ennoble providing matchmaking services for Koreans, they are also supporting Korean students and alumni with regular meetings so they could support and encourage each other.

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Original article written by Social Value.

(Image source: Pixabay, pmsjsj)