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Global Love Report – November 24, 2021
A review article by Pamela Stephanie

Korean matchmaking agency, Duo, recently revealed that hotels and private rooms are the most popular dating spots during Covid (37.6%). In second place is outdoor places such as parks, historical sites, mountains (22.2%). And third is in a car, while on a drive (19%).

The survey also asked about outdoor vs indoor dates. The results are as follows: 53.2% of men prefer indoor whereas for women, 56% prefer an outdoor date.

For those who prefer indoor dating spots, their reasonings were: “weather won’t be a factor” (48.1%), and also things like, “less tiring” (30.9%) and “prefers indoor activities such as watching a movie or eating” (18.9%).

And for those who prefer outdoor dates, the reasons were: “prefers outdoor activities such as camping or walking” (39.7%), “to enjoy the weather (38.5%), and “less stressful because it’s not crowded (12.5%).

As for post-Covid? The most desired dating spot for singles post-Covid is “a tourist destination overseas” (57.8%). This is followed by “domestic tourist destination” (18.4%), amusement park (11.2%), “cinema” (4.6%), and “performance hall” (3%).

Originally published by 경상일보.

(Image source: Pexels, Volkan Vardar)