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Global Love Report – November 16, 2022
English summary by Pamela Stephanie

Photojoy, a Japanese photo studio, is collaborating with matchmaking agencies Two-Peace, Torakikon, and White Clover.

Matchmaking services companies have voiced their concerns regarding the lack of suitable photography services for their matchmaking clients. Specifically, photography for their profile photos.

Photojoy is a photo studio that has branches throughout Japan. And through this partnership, are offering profile photo shooting services for members of their partner matchmaking agencies at a special rate.

Yohei Inoue, the representative of Two-Peace has stated that matchmaking photos is a big concern for matchmaking activities. He stated that there’s a limited number of photo studios where they’re located. And their members tend to go to a specific studio. This results in many members having photos with the same background and profile photos aren’t eye-catching.

That’s why Photojoy is a good solution for them because the photo studio offers a variety of backgrounds for clients, offering them the chance to be more diverse. Additionally, Photojoy can take advanced matchmaking photos in their city.

Representative for Torakikon believes that Photojoy creates high quality photographs and will help their clients succeed in their matchmaking goals.

Originally published by PR Times.

(Image source: Pexels, Jeshoots)