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Global Love Report – March 16, 2022
Written by Pamela Stephanie

There are plenty of sales tools that are currently available for people to use—for free! However, they may not be relevant to your business. So, we’ve come up with a short list of sales tools you may find useful.


What is Mention?

Mention is a social listening tool that is similar to Google Alerts—where you will receive an email for any news or blog posts that has to do with your chosen keyword(s). What makes Mention different, however, is that it not only provides you with anything new posted on websites but also on social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram.

How can I use Mention?

There are different ways that you can use this tool. The best way is to keep track of your own business. It keeps you in the loop for when someone mentions you—whether positively or negatively. If a client mentioned how much they loved your service, then you can thank them for their kind words.

But if someone has a negative experience and have shared it with others then you can respond quickly. You may be surprised at how much a negative review can turn into a positive one if the problem is resolved quickly.

Another way this can be used is to keep yourself informed. Whether it’s to find the latest dating trends or even to see what people are doing on dating apps. You may even find yourself creating a solution for a dating problem people didn’t know they have.


What is Leadfeeder?

Leadfeeder tracks your website traffic. Ever wondered about those faceless “window shoppers” who visit your website to check out what your services entails? This is essentially a more advanced version of Google Analytics—which we will talk about in a future feature—which helps you find out which of your pages have the highest views and helps you find contact details of your website visitors.

How can I use Leadfeeder?

As mentioned above, it tells you which pages get the most visitors per week (for the Lite/Free version) and it also can provide you with information as to who is visiting your website. Depending on what kind of information you’re getting, you can either feature more prominently the service that is the most popular or you can tweak your website’s content to appeal to your visitors. This way, they’ll be more likely to contact you for more information instead of just looking at your services and leaving the website.


What is Reply?

Reply actually has a number of different software solutions but there’s one in particular that we’re thinking of and that’s its email search extension. It’s basically an extension for the Google Chrome browser that can help you find LinkedIn emails.

How can I use Reply’s extension?

Are you looking for potential matches or potential clients on LinkedIn? Well, then this tool may be useful for you. Because what this does is find the person’s email for you which is sent to the contacts of your reply account. The Free account lets you have 200 free email credits per month and lets you export the data to a CSV file.

This way, you can contact the person directly by email instead of using LinkedIn’s Inmail.

(Image source: Pexels, Pixabay)