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Global Love Report – December 8, 2021
Written by Pamela Stephanie

Sales Course

Sales and Negotiations Skills by Workforce Academy Partnership (on Alison)

As a matchmaker, if you work solo then you need to have several additional skills along with your matchmaking skills. Arguably, one of the most important one is your sales skills. Now, if your sales skills are great then you’re pretty much set! However, some people could use some pointers about how to hone their sales skills.

This course has three different modules: overcoming sales objection, communications strategies, and negotiation skills. It will help you get a “yes” after an initial objection from a potential client. It also teaches you how to view objections as opportunities and how to negotiate with your leads. And the Communication Strategies module will help you get over communication barriers and help you communicate more effectively.

Active Listening

Active Listening Skills for Beginners by Kelly Fidei

This free course on Udemy is a great way to improve your active listening skills. Active listening is a great skill to add to your repertoire as a matchmaker and as a business owner. Not only will it help you understand your client

This course is very easy to follow. It’s divided into 15 modules that are about 3 to 6 minutes long and includes interactive activities. So, you will get more than just the theory aspect of active listening. The course will also teach you the “how” through these interactive activities.

Looking for a powered-up course? Then check out the Active Listening Masterclass course by Everett Bowes, a top-rated paid course also available on Udemy.


Human Resources: Recruitment and Selection by OpenLearn

If you’re thinking of scaling up your business, then you’re probably also looking into hiring new people. Recruiting capable employees can be a daunting task. Fortunately, The Open University’s OpenLearn has a course on recruitment available for free.

This short course will teach you how to handle assessment of candidates: how to select a candidate effectively and how to ascertain if a person will fit with your company. It also teaches you about creating a job description and even gives you ideas on how to attract applicants.

While this course won’t turn you into a recruitment expert overnight, it does teach you some great skills you can use to make the recruitment process much easier.

These are just some of the free useful online courses for matchmakers that you can take. For our next series, we will be covering the (free!) digital marketing courses that you should take in order to help promote your matchmaking business!

(Image source: Pexels, Vlada Karpovich)