couples on the subway wearing face masks to illustrate pandemic relationships

Global Love Report – June 23, 2021
A review article by Pamela Stephanie

Some couples who started a relationship during the pandemic or at the beginning of it have now broken up.

These “pandemic relationships” tended to be temporary from the start, though only for one of the two people involved. However, therapists have said that wanting to have someone for a short while isn’t out of the ordinary, especially with how isolated some people were feeling. The relationship became a lifeline for some, according to clinical psychologist, Dr. Carla Marie Manly.

With how the pandemic unfolded, a number of people made quick decisions regarding their relationships. In some cases, even though a relationship was still new, the couple turned serious quickly—some even moved in together.

After all, being with someone means you have company and support in a year of fear and uncertainty.

However, now that people are being vaccinated, it’s time for these couples to date in the “normal” world.

For those who knew the relationship was temporary to begin with, they’ve already separated.

According to certified matchmaker Tammy Shaklee, clients of hers who have ended their pandemic relationships have done so relatively quietly. She stated that despite its brevity, there is a special quality to the relationship. This is because of the experience they shared as they went through the pandemic.

For those maintaining their pandemic relationship, Shaklee advised that they find something they haven’t done to keep the relationship from being boring. That thing can be as simple as having the couple sleep together in a different bed.

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Original article written by Salon.

(Image source: Pexels, Katerina Holmes)