two hands reaching to each other to illustrate transitioning from online dating to offline dating

Global Love Report – June 9, 2021
Written by: Pamela Stephanie

Online dating to offline dating: how can clients transition from one to the other? This is a valid concern, because this transition is causing some people to be wary.

In fact, the transition from online to offline is not only causing wariness for people who are dating. Surveys have shown that people currently working remotely are having the same issue. The Wall Street Journal reported that reason people are willing to go back to the office is the fear for their job security—though they also stated that many people would prefer to keep working from home.

Here are a couple of things to mention to clients who may have difficulty transitioning from online dating to offline dating:

1. Transition from Online Dating to Offline Dating as soon as it’s Safe

Relationship experts and psychologists have stated that it’s best to take the relationship offline as soon as possible. Remind clients that for a serious relationship to progress, they need to take that first step to meet each other offline.

Psychologist Liesel Sharabi pointed out that building up a relationship online for months—especially during quarantine—can build “unrealistic expectations”. And it would make the disappointment all the more difficult if the first date doesn’t reveal any chemistry.

2. Temper Expectations: Prepare for Disappointment

People have different ways to communicate and they also have their preferred medium when it comes to communication. Some people thrive in face-to-face conversations while others shine on Zoom, for example.

With that being said, experts have warned not to build up your expectations too much. They emphasized the need to prepare for disappointment when it comes to the first offline date. It’s possible that no spark will appear on the first date.

A study done before and after a first date by two psychologists found that most participants of their study thought that their first date was disappointing. A lack of chemistry or less attraction than anticipated being one of the main causes for their disappointment.

So clients should approach the first date with a positive attitude but they shouldn’t expect to find “the right one” straight away.

3. Short Outdoor Dates

Some dating coaches recommend dating in the outdoors as a first date, especially as clients transition from online to offline dating.

Walking dates, for example, help keep things simple and casual. It leaves plenty of room for people to talk and to get rid of any anxiety that clients may have from having an in-person date after so long.

In fact, post-pandemic, this may be the safest means to have a date. Some people may still be uncomfortable to be in an indoor setting, for example.

And advise clients to keep things short to leave room for more conversation on the second date.

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