quality over quantity

Global Love Report – October 19, 2022
by Michelle Begy, Founder and MD of Ignite Dating

Quality over Quantity clients: How Working With Quality Clients Brings the Quantity

When you start out in business it can be tempting to put all your energy into securing as many customers as possible. This makes sense as every entrepreneur in the services sector knows the aim is to build a successful business which has a healthy client base. However, in my experience quantity isn’t everything when it comes to growing a business which’ll go the distance. While a determined focus on attracting a high volume of clients can be tempting, it can be better to sometimes just say no.

Let me explain. My agency Ignite Dating is an elite matchmaking service which puts personalised and hands-on service at its heart. We enjoy working with our exclusive network of high-calibre, professional individuals who all share the goal of finding a life partner with similar values and outlooks on life. This shared goal is key to how we work, because it is our clients play a key role in ensuring their dating journey is a successful one. Matchmaking by design works best if the client you are working with is properly invested in the process and going into it with an appreciation of what they bring to the table. Our job as matchmakers is to help them to understand what they are looking for and to ensure they get there.

So, to be successful in such a competitive industry I’ve found it really pays to concentrate on who you are working with, as quality clients are the key to business success. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some truly amazing individuals over the years and I’ve found there are certain traits a quality client will possess which’ll really help to ensure our relationship is a collaborative and successful one:

Emotional commitment: The person who is looking to be matched will be prepared to put in the work to ensure their search for love is a success. This may be by taking the time to think about the elements of character they want from a new partner, or by being prepared to recognise and challenge hang-ups they’ve had in the past. It may be something physical they’ve decided they want to change about themselves, such as losing weight, and they are fully committed to achieving that goal.

Financial investment: A quality client recognises the importance of the matchmaking process, and they are prepared to make a financial investment because a successful dating journey is so important to them. They recognise the professional service they are receiving and value it, seeing it as an investment in a life priority.

An open-minded approach: Being open-minded when it comes to matchmaking means being prepared to challenge yourself in order to achieve your goal. An open-minded client may recognise that preconceived views about dating haven’t worked for them and will ensure they are not fixated on specifics like age or height. It’s also about being realistic and understanding that making a financial investment in matchmaking doesn’t instantly guarantee them the partner of their dreams.

Trust the process: It’s important that clients trust the process, and this is where matchmakers come in to help manage expectations and make sure that the client is on the same page about how it all works. A quality client will understand that it’s not realistic to expect multiple matches the minute they sign up. They will be honest with themselves that, deep down, they realise it can be hard, but that we are there to help. Matchmakers are like trusted friends, and we can then be there for them if they start giving in to nerves or fears about dating.

They are ready to date with intent:  This means approaching matchmaking being prepared to take it wherever it goes, perhaps all the way to finding a life partner! The client is fully invested and excited about the process, rather than just using it to just see what else is out there.

So why does all this matter? As you can see, matchmaking works best when the client is really prepared to be part of the journey, seeing it as an enriching process which makes the goal of finding a long-term partner fully achievable. Working with great clients brings incredible rewards for my business as well, as many go on to be incredible advocates for our service. We’ve discovered that 90% of clients who are successfully matched go on refer on average 3.2 friends. When it comes to referrals from these existing clients, we convert on average 94% to paid clients.

So, as a matchmaker, it really pays to concentrate on who you are working with – so don’t be afraid to say no to working with people who won’t be fully invested in the process. We have a key role to play in managing expectations and we must value our expertise and the valuable service we are able to offer. Be assured that by concentrating on quality clients the quantity volume will follow and your business will flourish as a result!

(Images source: Pexels, Andrea Piacquadio)