dating's economic woes

Global Love Report – May 3, 2023
English summary by Pamela Stephanie

French dating app Happn recently researched dating expenditures to figure out dating’s economic woes.

According to their research, 85% of singles surveyed go on a date at an average of one date per month. (31% would spend between €1 and €25 on the date. 15% spend between €25 and €50, 15% spend between €50 and €75. Slightly less than 11% spend between €75 and €100. Lastly, 8% spend above €100. However, there are examples of singles who spend even lower. In fact, around one in five singles, on average, wouldn’t spend any money on a date.

The survey also revealed that around 18% of singles worry about the bill during a date. 13% of respondents have canceled their date because of their worry.

And what about who pays the bill at the end of the date?

According to Happn’s survey, 55% of men like to pay for the date. However, only 8% of women would like to do so. On the other hand, more female respondents prefer splitting the bill (30%) compared to male respondents (12%).

About 75% of singles are more open about money matters. 64% of Dutch singles talk about money and believe the topic should be discussed. Whereas 1 in 3 prefer not to do so because it’s not a romantic topic.

Originally published by Cosmopolitan

(Image source: Engin Akyurt @ Pexels)