paper heart torn in the middle to illustrate lockdown relationships

Global Love Report – August 18, 2021
A review article by Pamela Stephanie

For some, relationships that started virtual—on dating platforms such as Tinder or Bumble or Hinge—didn’t quite work out in reality.

So, what may be causing these relationships that burn brightly online to quickly extinguish when it came to face-to-face meetings?

According to Matchmaker Alex Mellor-Brook, co-founder of Select personal Introductions, one of the reasons why these relationships don’t last is because they’re “app relationships” and not true relationships.

Mellor-Brook compared lockdown relationships to having a pen pal. While these do sometimes work out, he points out that the majority of them do not. Mainly because social media isn’t truly genuine, the content that people post there is curated so they’re full of images that may be considered “perfect”.

“You bring in real life and that’s where it crumbles,” he stated.

Furthermore, Mellor-Brook pointed out that chatting with someone through an app may be easy for someone who’s good at typing but in order to meet in person, they need other skills.

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Original article published by Stylist.

(Image source: Unsplash, Kelly Sikkema)